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Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm back....I promise!

I really do have a reasonable excuse this time.....REALLY. My MIL came to visit from Alaska. So, I got to spend countless hours entertaining her while my hubby worked the entire time! Let me tell ya, that was thoroughly appreciated.

So, now, I'm back and still fighting with knitting. Is it really possible to knit socks? Or have I just been fooled into thinking so? How will I ever figure out how to make a sweater when I can't figure out a little sock? I think that I may need to just give up and move on towards making something else. But, I'm afraid if I do, I'll never really try again....and I REALLY want to make socks!!! *sniff sniff* I have decided that I absolutely HATE the sock yarn that I bought. Yes, it was cheap for starting out, but I think that it's part of the reason why I'm having so many problems. Or atleast, that's where I'm placing the blame. I'm also toying around with ditching the DPNs and trying the Magic Loop method.....maybe I'll have more luck with that one. Here's to wishful thinking!

On the friend issue.......there's still no new people in my life. I SOOOO need some adult conversation around here! It's really rather sad, but hopefully it'll change soon enough. Maybe, I'll just go and sit in a LYS and stalk other knitters until they talk to me. I'll either make a new friend/mentor, or end up with a restraining order. Who knows?


Blogger Robin said...

So what are you having trouble with on that sock girl?? BY ALL MEANS - if you've already found you a local yarn shop GO THERE - take your sock for a little hands on teaching (most will help you out even if you haven't signed up for a class) and for gosh sakes, if you HATE the yarn get some more while you're there. Save that yarn and use when your girls start wanting you to teach them how to knit. they'll be more than thrilled to listen to what remains of your southern accent!!

11:45 AM

Blogger Robin said...

Oh - I almost forgot - I haven't tried the magic loop but I am using the 1 sock on 2 circs for Brenda's socks. I do think I like it better than the dpn's but whatever you do, I think you've gotta' have the dpn's to either start or finish the toes.

11:47 AM

Blogger SwatchKnitter said...

I'm not really sure where I have the problems,'s just all new and I run into different issues. The only reason that I haven't been to the LYS is that hubby has been working mandatory overtime and has been working 7 days a week. So, that leaves me with absolutely NO time for ME!

I really want to try the magic loop method cause it seems to make more sense to me...for some reason. I just need to order some circulars and I'll be all set. I also think that I want to try different dpns. I don't know if I really like the bamboo ones. I know I'll figure it all out eventually....I'm just impatient, LOL.

3:50 PM


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