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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

They won't beat me!

no knit pics, but aren't they cute?

I swear I'm going to knit socks....even if it kills me (which it just might). I have started more socks than I thought humanly possible within the last couple of weeks and I still have nothing to show for it. I get a little further each time, but ultimately, I end up starting all over. Sock knitting is definitely not well suited for the perfectionist in me.

I've also decided that I really need to make some friends here in Utah. We moved here in November and the only person I know is my bestest friend and she's the reason we moved to begin with. So, my goal is to find some fantastic new people (hopefully some pro knitters) to add to my short list of friends. Anyone want to volunteer to be my friend? My southern accent is only mildly annoying, LOL.


Blogger crazyauntpurl said...

hehehe... I tell that to people, also... "Please pardon the accent, in time you won't even hear it! Maybe?"

That picture just makes a person happy to see it :)

12:16 PM

Blogger Robin said...

well of course they're gorgeous - (poor little Mattie - did she ever find her slippers??) and girl, that little bit of southern accent you've got left couldn't possibly be annoying. BTW - something I learned along the way is, when you realize you've made a mistake and you're too far along to "tink" it out (you know, stitch by stitch by stitch), go up a couple of rows and using a yarn needle and some contrasting yarn, pick up a whole row all the way around, being very careful to stay on the same row and pick up the same "leg" of each stitch - you also need to start with a stitch that is the FIRST stitch on any one of your needles. Frog it out back to your "safety line" and then just pick up those stitches, pull the safety line out and you're good to go! I can't wait to see your first pair. My first pair was done with thicker yarn and bigger needles so it went a lot quicker.

10:01 AM

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