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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Worst Blogger Ever!

Why do other people have so much to say on their blogs? I mean, I can read blogs all day long....if I could ignore my kids for that long! But when it comes to my own, I have nothing to really contribute.

In my defense, my absence was due (in part) to my computer meeting an untimely death! After we finally figured out that the problems were fatal, about 2 weeks, we ran right out to fill the void with a brand new replacement. I mean, we couldn't mourn forever, right? Then, the day after I got all of that settled, I thought that I would be back online and nothing could stop me. Well, I should've known better. Here I sat, all ready to break in my brand spanky new companion.....when what should happen? My internet was out, on and off for THREE days!!!! What have I done to deserve all this? Don't the computer gods know that my time online is the ONLY bit of sanity that I'm allowed in a house full of monkey kids?!?!

Anyway....vent done. I've actually been able to work on quite a bit of knitting while I was away from the computer. Although, I really have nothing to show for it. Being a perfectionist when learning to knit is really rather painful. I can't simply make a mistake and keep going. NOOOO....I have to rip out all of my work and start over! Maybe the next thing that I should "teach" myself is how to fix a mistake instead of crying everytime I see all my poor stitches disappearing. Gee...ya think? So, Robin, that picture of my Jaywalker progress has been slightly say for a year or two, LOL. I decided to start all over with a very basic sock just too get some practice in before tackling those OH SO PRETTY socks. I'm about an inch from starting the heel and I dare not post a picture yet, for fear that it will only be a constant reminder of another late-night frogging session. So, keep your fingers crossed that I make it past the heel and you may finally get to see a picture, LOL.


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